Up , Up and Away

May 28, 2011
It's been almost 2 weeks , I had to stop blogging temporarily .For 2 weeks , I had to prepared for the reluctant journey to East , the land of Honda , Kawasaki and Otoku . Not every trip to a foreign country is fascinating and the difference between Holiday Trip and Business Trip inconveniently apparent . 
The weather wasn't so good and continuously need to bring umbrella . Nothing can be seen since the spring appears to be ending soon . No more blooming Sakura especially at Toyohashi and Osaka .
Luckily , my biological clock easily adapted with new time zone even though the difference between Malaysia and Japan relatively only one hour .Morning came early , theoretically too early for me . For my first day , I woke up at 4 AM and the scenery of sky is really fascinating . 

Food so good for certain fella . Except little piggy , I have tried the exotic  elements of Japanese cuisine in the form of Sashimi Horse , Fish , Octopus . Thanks for Your Hospitality .
Visit Japan again ? Another Business trip ? How about Honeymoon ? Not in my lifetime . The railways system is too complicated . Even the Hungary system is far easier to understand . Believe me , Budapest railway and tram system is far convenient . Minus the unpleasant smell while using tram in Budapest  .


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Very interesting and lovely post.

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