Up , Up and Away

May 28, 2011
It's been almost 2 weeks , I had to stop blogging temporarily .For 2 weeks , I had to prepared for the reluctant journey to East , the land of Honda , Kawasaki and Otoku . Not every trip to a foreign country is fascinating and the difference between Holiday Trip and Business Trip inconveniently apparent . 
The weather wasn't so good and continuously need to bring umbrella . Nothing can be seen since the spring appears to be ending soon . No more blooming Sakura especially at Toyohashi and Osaka .
Luckily , my biological clock easily adapted with new time zone even though the difference between Malaysia and Japan relatively only one hour .Morning came early , theoretically too early for me . For my first day , I woke up at 4 AM and the scenery of sky is really fascinating . 

Food so good for certain fella . Except little piggy , I have tried the exotic  elements of Japanese cuisine in the form of Sashimi Horse , Fish , Octopus . Thanks for Your Hospitality .
Visit Japan again ? Another Business trip ? How about Honeymoon ? Not in my lifetime . The railways system is too complicated . Even the Hungary system is far easier to understand . Believe me , Budapest railway and tram system is far convenient . Minus the unpleasant smell while using tram in Budapest  .
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May 15, 2011

We 're thinking our life is beautiful and vibrant but it's always not what we hope so.
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I love Shrimp , Alergic love Me

May 13, 2011

It's Menage-a-trois between Shrimp , Allergic and me . I love the shrimp with all my heart but the consequence is sometimes unbearable for innocent young fellow like me . The uninvited appearance of merciless Miss Allergic asking for her unrequited love !
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Cramped Apartment, No More

Relatively, the composition of nuclear family getting smaller over the past few years; from 4 (Children) + 2 (Parent) into 2 (Children) + 2 (Parent). With the uncertainty of economy climate, raising our children is a tremendous challenge and easily understandable why some young parent choose to have small nuclear family. The rapid increase of property price in the past few years means the choice of property type is so limited ; either Apartment or Flat is a practical option for them .
As being demonstrated in the following links, the constraint and limitation of property-space demand a high level of innovative and brilliant blue print.

Without a doubt , It’s plausible for idea for us to incorporate these ideas in Malaysia Architectural Scene

Manhattan Project

24 Room in a small apartment (Hong Kong)

Lego Room
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My Malaysian Dilemma

May 11, 2011
Year in , Year out  , the house price in Malaysia shown a rapid increase without any apparent reason and in a speculative manner . The idea to own a house before reaching age 30 , it seems to be a grandeur master plan . The economy distribution in Malaysia is uneven as some place like Klang Valley and Penang are more densely populated due to the greater economy growth and opportunity . The continuous flow of rural-urban migration attributable to Development Promise and intentionally inefficient economy plan by Barisan Nasional with a high concentration of industrialization and infrastructure on White area (Read Barisan Nasional constituency )

For instance , Klang Valley have become an expensive place to live . The city heavily developed with the boundary of inner-city and outer-city not exist at all .  KL Golden Triangle (and surrounding) becoming extremely expensive to inhabit . Most of the lands have been reserved for redevelopment (shopping centre , office , etc) . So , only a small portion of land have been spared for up scale housing project . Up scale Apartment with 750 sqft for MYR 1 Million  ? Anyone ? Another case of demand and supply .

Since it is almost impossible to live in KL , the options are available for us ; Subang , Petaling Jaya , Shah Alam . But again , we are facing similar problem like KL at these area .Expensive .

New development area (Shah Alam area ) :- Kota Kemuning , Bukit Bandaraya , Setia Alam . Rapid increase of price due to newly built highway and within 5-15 minutes from Shah Alam .

The house price is correlated with the land value , connectivity (read highway and public transport) and future development .The Cardinal Rule ; If Government can ensure fair distribution of development (infrastructure) and reliable public transport , a house at Bukit Beruntung and office at Klang is possible .
But sometimes , I'm thinking Government with all respect , intentionally to ensure that Car Price remains high as possible (to save Proton) and let innocent Malaysian to stay away from city and  keep paying toll .
Conclusive as ever .

The demonic simple Economy Theory in the mould of Demand and Supply has been applied by unholy trinity of Bank , Developer and Valuer .
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May 9, 2011

When the heart of a believer is filled with these two feelings of hope and fear, Almighty Allah fulfils his hope and saves him from what he fears
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Light in the end of tunnel

May 8, 2011

Picture taken at Penchala Link Highway , KL
I have been continuously dragged to the obscurity of repetitious life ; eating the same breakfast set , mingle with the same crowd , seating at the same cubicle .
What it seems to be trivial , these meaningless routine hardly to abandon .
The less routine the more life - Amos Bronson Alcott 
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Laundry Day

May 6, 2011

It's better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week.Laurence J. Peter
One hour of my precious life wasted at Self Service Laundry . It always been an "enjoyment" for me to look at the dirty laundry spinning continuously .
I wouldn't be at all surprised if in the not so distant future ,  a washing machine that cleaning us literally ..... will be invented.

RM1 for a clean and desirable Hubby or Boyfriend .
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